Ballet Summer School written by Sara Turtelboom (Vacani pupil)

On the 21st of June I went to America to attend Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s 5-week Summer Program. It was intensive as I had to attend 3 ballet classes a day and there was an optional fourth, evening class.  Each class lasted for 90 minutes. The third class of the day was normally pointe but if you were in a lower level you only did pointe once a week. Every other class was technique. We had classes from Monday to Friday and half a day on Saturday. On Sunday the program would organise trips such as going to Hershey Park, Sport Emporium or Pennsylvania’s Cave. The program offered a wide range of teachers that are there to help you as much as they can. I really enjoyed this program as I could see my improvement in ballet every day and the teachers were so helpful. I also made a lot of friends for life!


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