Ballet Exams

Ballet Exams

Our next ballet exams have been scheduled for Sunday 16th July at Canada Water Studios.  Children attending the following classes have been selected to take their ISTD Cecchetti Classical Ballet exam.  An e-mail with information on how to pay/apply for you exam place will be sent to you in due course.

Tuesday 5.15pm Primary Class (Miss Carina)
Saturday 11.15am Primary Class (Miss Helen at Dockland Settlements)

Saturday 11.30am Primary, 12.15pm Standard 1, 1pm Standard 2                                     

Children are required to have trained in their current ballet syllabus for a minimum of one full academic year to be eligible for exam selection.  If your child has not studied the syllabus for one full year he/she will not be eligible to take the exam but if he/she has reached the level required to graduate this can be arranged, please discuss this with your teacher. Normally it takes 4 terms to be truly ready for an exam. If your child’s class has not been selected to take their exam in July, this does not mean that they are behind, it simply mean that they require a fourth term to complete their work.

Please be aware that children are not obliged to take ballet exams. If you have decided that your child does not wish to take his/her exam we will ensure that she receives the same focus and attention as an exam child.  We require a minimum of 3 ballet candidates for each exam slot.

Sadly, any child who misses more than two classes in the term of their exam will not be eligible to take their exam (this is a standard ballet school policy).  This is really important and we ask for your understanding and support in this matter.

No profit is made from running Ballet Exams,

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