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September 2017
(All photos below are taken from Miss Angelina’s Ballet Classes)


This ballet class is for pre-school children, who are due to start Reception in September 2018.  This is a beautiful and imaginative class which aims to encourage our Baby Ballerina’s to express themselves through movement and dance.  Children will learn how to interpret ballet stories to wonderful musical scores played by our some of London’s most prominent Ballet Pianists.  This fun class introduces the early foundations of ballet technique, ballet discipline and encourages independence.  Parents are invited to watch their child in a class presentation at the end of each term.

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This class is for children who have started School/Reception/Kindergarten.  We call this class ‘Transition’; providing a transition from Baby Ballet to learning ‘real ballet’.   Our week day classes are scheduled so that children can come straight from school and we also run Saturday classes which are very popular.  Our Transition class is more challenging but we are also aware that our pupils are adapting to a full day at school; the use of ballet themes, games and concepts, keep ballet FUN whilst learning the foundations of ballet technique, strengthening exercises, and gentle ballet stretching.  Parents are invited to watch a class presentation at the end of each term which includes a Graduation Ceremony at the end of the Summer Term.

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This class is is designed for children age 5+ (Year 1 & 2). At this stage in ballet, pupils begin to develop their ballet knowledge, physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality.  Their ballet education will focus on:

  • Stance and posture
  • Physical awareness and motor skills
  • Spacial awareness
  • Develop co-ordination
  • Develop control of movement
  • Strengthening Techniques for Allegro (jumps)
  • Develop understanding and knowledge of Ballet terminology
  • Use of hands and arms
  • Sense of Performance and developing expression
  • Musicality and sense of timing and dynamics.
  • Develop memory and recall skills
  • Perform sequences of simple steps to depict a story
  • Improvisation and developing creative movement
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop independence

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This class is is designed for children age 7 – 10 year (Year 3 +).  Our Ballet classes for Standard 1 and 2 aim to provide a safe, structured, challenging programme which will inspire and motivate children.  Our ballet Syllabus which is strongly influenced by the Cecchetti Method will focus on developing  ballet technique, knowledge of movement vocabularly, creativity, artistic and musical appreciation.

Particular focus is spent on developing pupils’ posture; correct alignment and placement and understanding of ‘how muscles work’ and how they can be used to develop strenth and control.  Pupils learn how to use their body to make beautiful ‘lines’ and how to appreciate artistry, both in their own movement and that of others.   Our children learn about ballet culture and become confident, considerate, repectful and proud of their understand and knowledge of ballet discipline.

Parents are invited to a class presentation at the end of each term.  Pupils are assessed annually and internally by a visiting Guest Artist, and school certificates are awarded to  pupils who have achieved the level required to graduate to the next level.

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These classes are designed for pupils aged 10 + (Year 5 +).  Our Cecchetti Ballet Syllabus classes provide a broad practical ballet education further developing the technical, musical and performance skills of the students; with an expected learning outcome to be of a more mature and technical nature

Children are given the opportunity to work towards their Cecchetti Ballet Examinations and are adjudicated by examiners from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

Children are encouraged to work hard, aiming for good examination results whilst at the same time having fun in discovering the world of dance.

Some children at this stage of learning take their ballet extremely seriously and have been awarded places on professional dance training programmes, however the majority of our pupils dance for fun and our classes at CWS Dance aim to develop an enthusiasm and passion in dance which we hope will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

PLEASE NOTE: exams are not compulsory

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Dance pupils aged 7+ can either take this class independently or take two consecutive classes combined with our Saturday Ballet classes , with a view to developing their ballet stamina and physical fitness, their flexibility and strength, in preparation for Pointe Work and Allegro classes at a later stage in their training. Our carefully structured class will help children to safely improve their core strength and flexibility (turn out & splits and foot exercises).

Ballet Stretch and conditioning

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